Peace Dollar Mintages

Peace Dollar mintages ranged from a low of 360,649 for the key date issue of the series to a high of more than 50 million. The highest mintages took place early in the series when heavy production was necessary to fulfill the requirements of the Pittman Act.

The Pittman Act had authorized the melting of up to 350 million silver dollars for conversion to bullion and sale to Great Britain. The quantity of 270,232,722 silver dollars which were melted were required to be replaced with newly minted coins produced from the output of American mines. This large quantity was struck for the final year of the Morgan Dollar series and the initial years of the Peace Dollar series until 1928.

The key date of the Peace Dollars series is usually considered to be the 1928 Peace Dollar since it has the lowest mintage. The 1934-S Peace Dollar is also considered to be a key date in mint state. Although over one million coins were produced, the coins saw extensive circulation making choice mint state examples rare.

Date Mintage
1921 1,006,473
1922 51,737,000
1922-D 15,063,000
1922-S 17,475,000
1923 30,800,000
1923-D 6,811,000
1923-S 19,020,000
1924 11,811,000
1924-S 1,728,000
1925 10,198,000
1925-S 1,610,000
1926 1,939,000
1926-D 2,348,700
1926-S 6,980,000
1927 848,000
1927-D 1,268,900
1927-S 866,000
1928 360,649
1928-S 1,632,000
1934 954,057
1934-D 1,569,500
1934-S 1,011,000
1935 1,576,000
1935-S 1,964,000