1928-S Peace Dollar

The 1928-S Peace Dollar (Buy on eBay) is noted as one of the most conditionally challenging issues of the series. Although the mintage of 1,632,000 pieces was much higher than the production level at the Philadelphia Mint during the same year, examples graded MS65 and higher are rarities.

1928-S Peace Dollar
1928-S Peace Dollar

The San Francisco Mint coins for this year were extremely poorly produced and almost always found with weak strikes, dull luster, and many bag marks. On a combined basis, PCGS and NGC have graded fewer than 100 coins as MS65, with only a single example graded MS66 by each service. Considering the populations across both grading services, this is the rarest issue in grades MS65 and MS66.

A superlative example of the 1928-S Peace Dollar graded PCGS MS65 with a CAC sticker of approval sold for $32,200 in April 2011.

1928-S Peace Dollar Mintage and Specifications

  • Date: 1928
  • Mint Mark: S (San Francisco)
  • Mintage: 1,632,000
  • Designer: Anthony de Francisci
  • Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper
  • Weight: 26.73 grams
  • Diameter: 38.1 mm

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