1924-S Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar series is a challenge to collect in certified gem or higher grades due to a number of conditional rarities which punctuate the series. While these coins may be available or even affordable at lower mint state grade levels, they become prohibitively rare and expensive at the grades MS65 or higher. One such issue is the 1924-S Peace Dollar (Buy on eBay) struck at the San Francisco Mint.

1924-S Peace Dollar
1924-S Peace Dollar

While the original mintage is low enough at 1,728,000 pieces to warrant a slight premium at lower grade levels, the issue becomes increasingly scarce at mint state grade levels. The major grading services PCGS and NGC have certified around 2,000 pieces at the MS64 grade level, but fewer than 150 pieces at MS65. The finest known examples are just six pieces graded MS66.

The MS65 graded pieces tend to sell for $5,000 or higher depending on quality. One of the PCGS MS66 graded examples realized a price of $54,625 at an auction held in 2011.

1924-S Peace Dollar Mintage and Specifications

  • Date: 1924
  • Mint Mark: S (San Francisco)
  • Mintage: 1,728,000
  • Designer: Anthony de Francisci
  • Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper
  • Weight: 26.73 grams
  • Diameter: 38.1 mm

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