1923 Peace Dollar

The 1923 Peace Dollar (Buy on eBay) struck at the Philadelphia Mint is the most common issue of the entire series in uncirculated grades. Although the overall mintage was not the highest at 30,800,000 pieces, substantial quantities of the coins survived undisturbed for years in mint bags, providing an ample supply for future generations.

1923 Peace Dollar
1923 Peace Dollar

On a combined basis, the major third party grading companies PCGS and NGC have certified more than 200,000 examples at the MS64 grade level, more than 50,000 at MS65, and more than 5,000 at MS66. The highest grade of MS67 has more than 150 examples certified. Each of these figures represents the highest number for the respective grade across all issues of the series.

Generally speaking, the 1923 Peace Dollar is found well struck and lustrous with good eye appeal.

1923 Peace Dollar Mintage and Specifications

  • Date: 1923
  • Mint Mark: none (Philadelphia)
  • Mintage: 30,800,000
  • Designer: Anthony de Francisci
  • Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper
  • Weight: 26.73 grams
  • Diameter: 38.1 mm

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